What is silver haze good for?

A great morning and day strain, Silver Haze is often used for its brain effects that can reduce stress and anxiety. Those suffering from mild or mild chronic pain may find this strain useful. Patients suffering from depression are also often recommended this strain. The Silver Haze delivers the Haze experience in full force in a fatter, faster and more compact form.

Crossing Haze with Northern Lights, Silver Haze maintains strong but clear effects. Introduced by Sensi Seeds, Silver Haze owes its name to the enormous amount of shiny THC glands that cover the buds. A classic Sativa strain with average THC levels of 20 to 24%, Silver Haze is considered to be one of the most potent Sativa strains on the market. Its effects are often reported as strongly cerebral, uplifting and energizing.

The Silver Haze has two origin stories. As a strong and energizing Sativa strain, Silver Haze can be enjoyed from morning to afternoon. You won't feel lethargic, sedated or sleepy with this Sativa strain. Instead, you'll feel productive and stress-free.

It's the perfect strain to help you focus on the task at hand. The THC content in Silver Haze herb averages between 20 and 24%. This makes it one of the strongest Sativa strains you can buy. Silver Haze produces a very strong high that is happy, invigorating, stimulating and productive.

With a cerebral high when smoking, thanks to THC levels that can reach between 24 and 25% in some phenotypes, it still leaves the smoker with a clear head. This makes Silver Haze a good smoke day and morning, considered by many to be one of the best varieties for waking up and baking. Silver Haze produces an impressive and abundant yield full of dense, foxtailed buds, especially in an indoor or hydroponic environment using the Green Sea (SOG) method. Silver Haze is a legend in its own right, an almost pure sativa that will revitalize and stimulate your mind and induce a powerful and pleasant brain experience.

The spicy and earthy notes of the Original Haze variety can also be found in Silver Haze along with woody undertones to complete its spicy and sweet scent. Silver Haze by Sensi Seeds, based in Amsterdam, distills the essence of the classic Haze strain with the strong growth potential of the Northern Lights strain. Growers can see very good results when growing Silver Haze in a ScroG (green screen) configuration, which will keep plants under control and maximize yields. Silver Haze in extreme cases can also make you feel quite dizzy, so it is recommended to take it in smaller doses until you acclimate to its strength.

Silver Haze delivers a strong cerebral high that will leave you feeling creative, stimulated and ready to be productive. Growers can still expect significant, yet manageable, height gain from Silver Haze during its relatively long flowering period of 65-75 days. Silver Haze was the first to create a space-saving Haze strain that can grow fast and produce a high yield. Silver Haze is an energizing, sativa-dominant strain that combines two of the most popular strains available.

While silver mist has its characteristic silver coating of the THC glands, it would be difficult unless you were an expert in choosing it from the range. Silver Haze is an almost pure sativa that was created from the crossing of soft Northern Lights and Haze.

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