Is silver haze sativa or indica?

A classic Sativa strain with average THC levels of 20 to 24%, Silver Haze is considered to be one of the most potent Sativa strains on the market. Its effects are often reported as strongly cerebral, uplifting and energizing. The Silver Haze delivers the Haze experience in full force in a fatter, faster and more compact form. Crossing Haze with Northern Lights, Silver Haze maintains strong but clear effects.

Introduced by Sensi Seeds, Silver Haze owes its name to the enormous amount of shiny THC glands that cover the buds. Silver Haze is an almost pure sativa that was created from the crossing of soft Northern Lights and Haze. This strain was first released by Sensi Seeds, and quickly became a favorite bud across the United States, maintaining its ranking as one of the most popular morning smokes to date. Silver Haze induces uplifting, energetic and creative highs, with an extra effect on the top.

This 80% sativa-dominant strain blooms in 65-75 days. The Silver Haze is a classic old-school puff that everyone should experience at least once. In summary, the Super Silver Haze herb is probably the most ideal marijuana strain for growing individuals who are experienced marijuana growers. Silver Haze delivers a strong cerebral high that will leave you feeling creative, stimulated and ready to be productive.

Silver Haze can triple in height during flowering, which means it will need some space to expand. The Super Silver Haze cannabis strain is an award-winning sativa that creates a skunk and cheesy scent, but tastes spicy and citrusy on the exhale. Grown outdoors, Super Silver Haze tends to require a warm, sunny and warm equatorial climate, which, of course, not everyone in the world has access to. The name Super Silver Haze probably originates from the appearance of marijuana buds; as if they had been submerged or rolled in a fresh layer of freshly fallen snow, producing a silver glow that leaves observers amazed.

In fact, with the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain, it's possible to stay calm while feeling “on the go,” a combination that almost any busy person could learn to love. The sativa-dominant cannabis strain Silver Haze derives its name from the bright layer of trichomes it produces when it is ready to harvest, giving the plant a silver tone. Super SilVer Haze's THC levels average between mid-teens and mid-20s, so check the potency of your batch before preparing a serving. Silver Haze will increase creativity, but it also works well for social events, freeing one from social anxiety.

Super Silver Haze is unlikely to precipitate extreme reactions such as paranoia, increased anxiety, or excessive stress. The second half of the Super Silver Haze high may be a little milder in nature, with a greater emphasis on calm, relaxation and euphoria. If you're someone who seems to fall in the middle of the day, we're willing to bet that Super Silver Haze marijuana will take care of and revitalize your body, as well as your mind, and bring you back to life. In most cases, consuming Super Silver Haze late at night or at night when you want to calm down or sleep is not intuitive because the strain has little or no rest-inducing effect.

Patients with medical conditions should avoid over-consuming any strain of marijuana, including Super Silver Haze, as excessive use can lead to increased anxiety, paranoia, or stress.

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