Is super silver haze psychedelic?

Super Silver Haze is known to be a heavy psychedelic hybrid, mainly due to a well-balanced lineage of parent plants. Super Silver Haze has on average a higher THC content than other Sativa strains. Most buds have between 16% and 23% THC, while Sativas have an average of 13%. Most buds have between 16% and 23% THC.

Other Sativa strains have an average of about 13%. Owning a family that sounds like this, it's no surprise that the Super Silver Haze has gained so much recognition and has become an essential hideaway. Groceries, concentrates, live resin, candy, hashish and Super Silver Haze gummies are all ways to access a higher percentage of THC, usually with less effort (i. If you're looking for a joint that leaves you focused, lively, euphoric and energetic, approach the sativa masterpiece that is the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain for a stimulant you'll never forget.

With a taste of spices, skunk and citrus fruits, Super Silver Haze can produce powerful psychoactive and physical effects. Not for those just starting a crop for the first time, Super Silver Haze can work well with SCROG and LST cultivation methods. The Super Silver Haze cannabis strain is an award-winning sativa that creates a skunk and cheesy scent, but tastes spicy and citrusy on the exhale. As motivating as it may be, Super Silver Haze shifts gears for the second half of its lasting effect and begins to calm the body.

In terms of harvest, Super Silver Haze has a flowering period of approximately 9-11 weeks, and if you choose to harvest the colas later, you'll discover a dramatic increase in resinous trichomes, creating a more prominent silver glow (which makes a lot of sense with the name of this herb). In addition, Super Silver Haze marijuana has a considerable THC content, ranging from the 18th to the 23rd percentile. In summary, the Super Silver Haze herb is probably the most ideal marijuana strain for growing individuals who are experienced marijuana growers. If you're someone who seems to fall in the middle of the day, we're willing to bet that Super Silver Haze marijuana will take care of and revitalize your body, as well as your mind, and bring you back to life.

The Super Silver Haze strain is of medium difficulty if you're trying to produce absolutely monstrous buds. The positive qualities of Super Silver Haze don't just end in surprising effects, numerous medical benefits, a tasty aroma and flavor, or a medium difficulty level of cultivation. On the plus side, Super Silver Haze is quite tolerant of pests, insects, mold, powdery mildew and other diseases, so at least that aspect of the marijuana strain requires reasonably low maintenance. Due to the small percentage of Indica genetics that exist in Super Silver Haze genetics, it is not simply pure sativa (as some might prove and suggest), but more balanced.

Consumers have reported that the effects of Super Silver Haze increase energy while creating a lasting body effect.

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