Is blue haze indica or sativa?

Blue Haze is a hybrid marijuana strain and daughter of a Blueberry Indica and the original Haze. This slightly sativa-dominant hybrid is a versatile strain. Blue Haze has a pleasant taste and aroma, and its dense, hairy buds produce full-bodied effects. Blue Haze is a great candidate for the everyday consumer arsenal, as it is suitable for a wide spectrum of activities and provides the optimal balance between brain and physical effects.

The Blue Haze brings a lot of power to the table. Unlike typical sativa strains that overwhelm your mind, this strain has a much milder cerebral high. As the physical body gets going, you're almost certain to feel a load released. If you're using Blue Haze specifically to help you deal with anxiety disorders, Blue Haze isn't the best strain to use.

Also known as Blueberry Haze, the exact lineage of the Haze strain differs depending on who you ask, some claim that Blue Haze's father is Amnesia Haze, while others believe it is Super Silver Haze. The effects can be profoundly relaxing, and many people choose to enjoy the Blue Haze strain during their evenings at home or late at night.

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