What does super silver haze do?

As motivating as it may be, Super Silver Haze shifts gears for the second half of its lasting effect and begins to calm the body. Users can experience a brightness of colors and a sharpening of sounds. It's both healing and invigorating, while adding a boost of energy to its effects, making it a favorite of many occasional and regular smokers alike. The Super Silver Haze can be quite strong, being the strong and sticky sativa that it is.

Nicknamed “one-hit quitter”, this strain doesn't require much of a dose to feel its effects. It was established using some of Neville's most prized genetics, including the award-winning Super Silver Haze strain. Its ability to control pain and also help induce a heavy appetite in cancer patients suffering from nausea due to chemotherapy and radiation, is another reason Super Silver Haze is increasing in terms of popularity in the medical marijuana community. Sativa-dominant, Super Silver Haze is one of the Hazes most influenced by indicas in terms of ripening time, internode distance and bud compactness.

Nice; and Neville Schoenmaker, who restructured the strain and named it Silver Haze after leaving the seed company. There are many popular strains that have been combined with Super Silver Haze to create a sweet, citrusy flavor strain. Super Silver Haze is known for its supreme all-day high and is a reliable way to stay medicated while completing daytime tasks. I have found that the Super Silver Haze strain often provides a whirlwind of energy, while producing a calming, uplifting and lucid content sensation.

The Super Silver Haze lineage comes from crossing the Indica Northern Lights with the sativa nicknamed Haze, as well as the Skunk No. The Super Silver Haze strain rose to fame in the late 20th century, when it won the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup three years in a row. Some have said that they have had cravings while wearing Super Silver Haze, while others found that it created a pleasant or thought-provoking psychedelic high. A ladder will need to be added to any grower's hardware list if Super Silver Haze is to be grown outdoors.

Bred by the legendary Neville Schoenmaker, the Super Silver Haze strain has quickly become a patient favorite in many medical marijuana dispensaries. The Super Silver Haze cannabis strain is an award-winning hybrid that creates a skunk and cheesy scent, but tastes spicy and citrusy on the exhale. Super Silver Haze creates an herbal taste in the mouth that is peppered with a little spice. Super Silver Haze creates a vivid sense of euphoria, leaving you feeling energized with a variety of joyful and inspired thoughts to delve into.

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